Top Reasons for you to move to Wichita, Kansas

All around the world, people are looking for a place that is livable and safe. This is the reason why there are some who do not settle for just one place. Some people also dream of migrating to another place so that they will be able to provide a better future for their family.

Even these days, so many still have the American dream. They view themselves as wealthy and abundant while they are in the U.S. Since this country has so many states, it becomes difficult to choose where to stay. Good thing that there are good comments about one city in Kansas which is Wichita.

Here are the top reasons why you should consider choosing Wichita, Kansas as your new home.


Wichita is known to be the Aerospace city of the world, so if you have had an education that is similar to the mentioned, then you can expect to land a job here. However, if you do not have Aerospace background, there are other jobs that you can land to because there are other big companies. Aside from that, you may also want to commute to Texas or Oklahoma for work since it is just three hours away.

Cost of Living

Wichita is the place to be especially if you want to save money. According to statistics, this place is the ninth in the rank among the cheapest places in the United States. For instance, food is very cheap. An average of fewer than 2 dollars per meal is what you need. You can even buy a dozen of eggs for the same price. How cheap is that?


Talking about housing, you just pay around $700 off monthly rent for a fully furnished studio apartment for one. Not to mention paying only $50 for monthly internet consumption with 10mbps fast. Moreover, you just need to pay around $180 for the utilities just like water and electricity bills.


Although it is not a big city, you will still feel it is a big one because it never gets behind especially when it comes to the entertainment factor. This place has diners, restaurants, shopping malls, bowling alleys, and many more, and still, you pay for the best price ever. For instance, if you want to dine in an expensive restaurant downtown, you just need to prepare around $55 for a full-course meal for two. Should you feel the need of going to a movie theater, you need $20 for two tickets given that you have the best seats in the house. Not to mention that Wichita has a lot of food diners apart from the famous fast food chains that you may want to visit.

Traffic and Transportation

Since this city is not a very big one, there are no problems when it comes to heavy traffics. Moreover, if you own a car, you just need to pay $0.60 / liter of gasoline. Or if you want to take the subway, your monthly payment would be around $70 back and forth.


Wichita has low crime rates compared to other big cities in the United States. Although there are still people who are homeless and jobless, they do not contribute to the different crimes in the area. Wichita is a safe place to raise children.

Overall, if you want to transfer to a new city, then surely you should consider about Wichita, Kansas because it is a safe and affordable place to be. It is a good place to raise a family, and it is a place that can help you have a good home.