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Realty World Alliance Community Service

In Partnership with the Kansas Humane Society we've produced a Live Kitty Cam.  This is a controllable internet camera with views of Kitty Hotel #1, the front desk, and even zooming into some of the Dog kennels. Realty World sponsors this camera as a way to support our Humane society, and show off our WORLD CLASS Humane Society.  Click Here to visit their main site.


To begin, click CONTROL NOW. If a user is in control you will see WAIT CONTROL and will be placed in queue.
PRESET VIEWS - Simply choose from the list and the camera will automatically move and zoom on an area.
ZOOM - Use the tool in the lower right or draw a box around the area you want to zoom in on.
MOVE - Use the bars along the top and left side. Recommend movement in small increments.
RECENTER - Single click on an area. The Kitty Cam will recenter on the point clicked.