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A lot of people have considered about migrating to a new place because of greener pastures. But with the many places in the world, sometimes, it becomes difficult to choose one for you and your family.This is the reason why the author of this blog has written blog posts about different places and cities worth living.

He lays down the advantages and disadvantages of each city and also the reason which makes it a good place to stay. The author, Kevin Shaw, is a well-traveled businessman. He wishes to help those people decide where to be as he had this dilemma before.

Move to your favourite place

Getting sick of your current place? Do you wish to move out but you simply do not know where to go? You came to the right blog. This blog gives you the taste of different cities in the different places in the world.

Here, you can read about the reasons why you should move to this certain city, its advantages, and disadvantages as well. Moreover, you can also read the first-hand experience of the author himself since he writes about the cities he has been to. Moreover, you can also send the author a private message in case you want to ask some questions further.



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